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PikaPods has partnered with us to offer you an officially supported, cloud-hosted solution.

Your personal instance is ready to use in just a few steps and includes member features like premium themes and high-resolution world maps - at no additional cost! New customers also receive a $5 welcome credit.

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Community Essentials Plus PikaPods
Price FREE € 2.00 / mo from € 6.00 / mo from $ 6.50 / mo
Installation Self-Hosted Self-Hosted Self-Hosted Fully Managed
Help & Support Public Forums &
Community Chat
Public Forums &
Community Chat
Private Chat Provider
Storage Limit unlimited unlimited unlimited flexible
Instances unlimited personal use personal use flexible
Back Our Mission
Full Data Ownership
Regular Updates
Plus License
AGPL License
Build from Source
Invoice with VAT-ID
Mobile Apps PWA & PhotoSync PWA & PhotoSync PWA & PhotoSync PWA & PhotoSync
Accessible over the Internet optional optional optional
User Management
Account Roles Super Admin, Admin Super Admin, Admin, User, Viewer, Guest Super Admin, Admin, User, Viewer, Guest Super Admin, Admin, User, Viewer, Guest
Session Monitoring
CLI Commands
Admin Web UI
File Support
Maximum Resolution 900 MP 900 MP 900 MP 150 MP
Animated GIFs
JPEG XL Images
Vector Graphics
RAW Conversion
Video Transcoding
Duplicate Detection
Automatic Stacking
Keep Folder Structure
Automatic Organization optional optional optional optional
Metadata Compatibility
Embedded Exif
ExifTool JSON
Google Photos JSON
Adobe XMP partially partially partially partially
Artificial Intelligence
Face Recognition
Image Classification
NSFW Detector
Powerful Filters
Fast Scrolling
Sort Results
Files and Folders
Maps & Places
Reverse Geocoding Rate Limited
Location Estimates
World Maps High-Resolution
Vector Map
3D Vector &
Satellite Maps
3D Vector &
Satellite Maps
3D Vector &
Satellite Maps
Create Albums
Flag Favorites
Edit Metadata
Quality Review
Archive & Delete
Hide Private
Hide People
WebDAV Upload
Download as ZIP
Album Links
File Links hourglass_top hourglass_top hourglass_top hourglass_top
Remote Access
WebDAV Server
Web Upload & Download
HTTPS optional optional optional
Domain Name optional optional optional
VPN optional optional optional
WebDAV Sync
YAML Export
SQL Database
User Interface
Multiple Languages
Premium Themes
Advanced Settings
Advanced Web Security
Mobile App (PWA)
Login Wallpaper
Legal Information
Social Preview
Hardware Video Transcoding
Content Delivery Network (CDN) optional optional optional optional
Community Essentials Plus PikaPods
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