Field Type Exiftool Adobe XMP DCMI
Altitude decimal GlobalAltitude, GPSAltitude
Aperture decimal ApertureValue, Aperture
FNumber decimal FNumber
FPS decimal VideoFrameRate, VideoAvgFrameRate
FocalDistance decimal HyperfocalDistance
Duration duration Duration, MediaDuration, TrackDuration, PreviewDuration
Favorite flag Favorite
Flash flag FlashFired
Keywords list Keywords
FocalLength number FocalLength, FocalLengthIn35mmFormat
Frames number FrameCount, AnimationFrames
Height number ImageHeight, ImageLength, PixelYDimension, ExifImageHeight, SourceImageHeight
ImageType number HDRImageType
Iso number ISO
Rotation number Rotation
Width number ImageWidth, PixelXDimension, ExifImageWidth, SourceImageWidth
Artist text Artist, Creator, By-line, OwnerName, Owner Creator
CameraMake text CameraMake, Make Make
CameraModel text CameraModel, Model, CameraID, UniqueCameraModel CameraModel, Model
CameraOwner text OwnerName
CameraSerial text SerialNumber
Codec text CompressorID, VideoCodecID, CodecID, OtherFormat, FileType
ColorProfile text ICCProfileName, ProfileDescription
Copyright text Rights, Copyright, CopyrightNotice, WebStatement Rights, Rights.Alt
Description text Description, ImageDescription, Caption, Caption-Abstract Description, Description.Alt
DocumentID text ContentIdentifier, MediaGroupUUID, BurstUUID, OriginalDocumentID, DocumentID, ImageUniqueID, DigitalImageGUID
Exposure text ExposureTime, ShutterSpeedValue, ShutterSpeed, TargetExposureTime
FileName text FileName
GPSLatitude text GPSLatitude
GPSLongitude text GPSLongitude
GPSPosition text GPSPosition
InstanceID text InstanceID, DocumentID
LensMake text LensMake
LensModel text LensModel, Lens, LensID LensModel, Lens
License text UsageTerms, License
Notes text Comment, UserComment
Projection text ProjectionType
Software text Software, CreatorTool, HistorySoftwareAgent, ProcessingSoftware
Subject text Subject, PersonInImage, ObjectName, HierarchicalSubject, CatalogSets Subject
TimeOffset text OffsetTime, OffsetTimeOriginal, OffsetTimeDigitized
Title text Title, Headline dc:title title, title.Alt
CreatedAt timestamp SubSecCreateDate, CreationDate, CreateDate, MediaCreateDate, ContentCreateDate, TrackCreateDate
TakenAt timestamp SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecDateTimeCreated, DateTimeOriginal, CreationDate, DateTimeCreated, DateTime, DateTimeDigitized DateCreated
TakenAtLocal timestamp SubSecDateTimeOriginal, SubSecDateTimeCreated, DateTimeOriginal, CreationDate, DateTimeCreated, DateTime, DateTimeDigitized
TakenGps timestamp GPSDateTime, GPSDateStamp

Metadata Tags by Namespace

Namespace Documentation
Exiftool Exif
Exiftool XMP
Adobe XMP
Dublin Core (DCMI)
IPTC Photo Metadata

Original media and sidecar files are scanned for Exif and XMP data, as well as proprietary metadata, including Google Photos JSON. The combined information is then normalized, merged, and enriched with additional information.