Viewing Login Attempts

For security reasons, authentication logs are not visible on the regular web user interface and can only be viewed in the application service logs or searched in a terminal using the the following CLI command:

photoprism logins ls [search]

Command Options

You can combine it with these flags to change the output format and the maximum number of search results:

Command Flag Description
--md, -m format as machine-readable Markdown
--csv, -c export as semicolon separated values
--tsv, -t export as tab separated values
-n LIMIT LIMIT number of results (default: 100)

Example Report

Client IP User Name Realm Status Last Login Failed At user api OK 2023-02-03 07:17:46 viewer api OK 2023-02-03 07:16:55 admin api OK 2023-02-03 06:55:06

Run photoprism logins clear to clear all recorded incidents and reset the database to a clean state.

Session Management

You can use the following terminal commands to create, inspect and, if necessary, delete access tokens for the authentication of browsers and other clients (including app passwords):

CLI Command Description
photoprism auth ls [search] Lists currently authenticated users and clients
photoprism auth add [username] Adds a new authentication secret for client applications
photoprism auth show [identifier] Shows detailed information about a session
photoprism auth rm [identifier] Deletes a session by id or access token
photoprism auth reset --yes Resets the authentication of all users and clients

PhotoPrism® Documentation

For detailed information on specific product features, services, and related resources, see our Knowledge Base, or read the User Guide for help using the web user interface: