Viewing Login Attempts

For security reasons, authentication logs are not visible on the regular web user interface and can only be viewed in the application service logs or searched in a terminal using the the following CLI command:

photoprism logins ls [search]

Command Options

You can combine it with these flags to change the output format and the maximum number of search results:

Command Flag Description
--md, -m format as machine-readable Markdown
--csv, -c export as semicolon separated values
--tsv, -t export as tab separated values
-n LIMIT LIMIT number of results (default: 100)

Example Report

Client IP User Name Realm Status Last Login Failed At user api OK 2023-02-03 07:17:46 viewer api OK 2023-02-03 07:16:55 admin api OK 2023-02-03 06:55:06

Run photoprism logins clear to clear all recorded incidents and reset the database to a clean state.

Monitoring Browser Sessions

You can use the following terminal commands to find, examine and, if necessary, remove user sessions:

Command Description
photoprism sess ls [search] Finds and displays sessions
photoprism sess show [id] Shows detailed session information
photoprism sess rm [id] Deletes the specified session
photoprism sess clear Removes all sessions

PhotoPrism® Documentation

For detailed information on specific product features, services, and related resources, see our Knowledge Base, or read the User Guide for help using the web user interface: