Filter Type Examples Notes
fmax decimal fmax:1.245 F-number (max)
fmin decimal fmin:1.245 F-number (min)
lat decimal lat:1.245 Latitude (GPS Position)
lng decimal lng:1.245 Longitude (GPS Position)
chroma number chroma:70 Chroma (0-100)
diff number diff:-1 diff:2 Differential Perceptual Hash (000000-FFFFFF)
dist number dist:5 Distance in km in combination with lat/lng
quality number quality:0 quality:3 Quality Score (0-7)
album string album:berlin Album UID or Name, supports * wildcards
albums string albums:"South Africa & Birds" Album Names, can be combined with & and |
camera string camera:canon Camera Make/Model Name
category string category:"name" Location Category Name
city string city:"Berlin" Name of City (Location), OR search with |
color string color:"red|blue" Color Name (purple, magenta, pink, red, orange, gold, yellow, lime, green, teal, cyan, blue, brown, white, grey, black), OR search with |
country string country:"de|us" Country Code, OR search with |
day string day:3|13 Day of Month (1-31), OR search with |
face string face:PN6QO5INYTUSAATOFL43LL2ABAV5ACZG Face ID, yes, no, new, or kind
faces string faces:yes faces:3 Minimum number of Faces (yes = 1)
filename string filename:"2021/07/12345.jpg" File Name with path and extension, OR search with |
folder string folder:"*/2020" Path Name, OR search with |, supports * wildcards
hash string hash:2fd4e1c67a2d SHA1 File Hash, OR search with |
id string id:123e4567-e89b-... Finds pictures by Exif UID, XMP Document ID or Instance ID
keywords string keywords:"buffalo&water" Keywords, can be combined with & and |
label string label:cat|dog Label Name, OR search with |
lens string lens:ef24 Lens Make/Model Name
month string month:7|10 Month (1-12), OR search with |
name string name:"IMG_9831-112*" File Name without path and extension, OR search with |
original string original:"IMG_9831-112*" Original file name of imported files, OR search with |
path string path:2020/Holiday Path Name, OR search with |, supports * wildcards
people string people:"Jane & John" Subject Names, can be combined with & and |
person string person:"Jane Doe & John Doe" Subject Names, exact matches, can be combined with & and |
state string state:"Baden-Württemberg" Name of State (Location), OR search with |
subject string subject:"Jane Doe & John Doe" Alias for person
subjects string subjects:"Jane & John" Alias for people
title string title:"Lake*" Title, OR search with |
type string type:raw Media Type (image, video, raw, live, animated); OR search with |
uid string uid:pqbcf5j446s0futy Limits results to the specified internal unique IDs
year string year:1990|2003 Year Number, OR search with |
animated switch animated:yes Finds animated GIFs
archived switch archived:yes Finds archived pictures
error switch error:yes Finds pictures with errors
favorite switch favorite:yes Finds favorites only
geo switch geo:yes Finds pictures with GPS location
hidden switch hidden:yes Finds hidden pictures (broken or unsupported)
landscape switch landscape:yes Finds pictures in landscape format
live switch live:yes Finds Live Photos and short videos
mono switch mono:yes Finds pictures with few or no colors
panorama switch panorama:yes Finds pictures with an aspect ratio > 1.9:1
photo switch photo:yes Finds only photos, no videos
portrait switch portrait:yes Finds pictures in portrait format
primary switch primary:yes Finds primary JPEG files only
private switch private:yes Finds private pictures
public switch public:yes Excludes private pictures
raw switch raw:yes Finds pictures with RAW image file
review switch review:yes Finds pictures in review
scan switch scan:yes Finds scanned images and documents
square switch square:yes Finds images with an aspect ratio of 1:1
stack switch stack:yes Finds pictures with more than one media file
stackable switch stackable:yes Finds pictures that can be stacked with additional media files
unsorted switch unsorted:yes Finds pictures not in an album
unstacked switch unstacked:yes Finds pictures with a file that has been removed from a stack
vector switch vector:yes Finds vector graphics only
video switch video:yes Finds video files only
after timestamp after:"2022-01-30" Finds pictures taken after this date
before timestamp before:"2022-01-30" Finds pictures taken before this date

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