Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_AUTH_MODE --auth-mode password authentication MODE (public, password)
PHOTOPRISM_ADMIN_PASSWORD --admin-password initial admin PASSWORD, must have at least 8 characters


Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_LOG_LEVEL --log-level info log message verbosity LEVEL (trace, debug, info, warning, error, fatal, panic)
PHOTOPRISM_DEBUG --debug enable debug mode, show non-essential log messages
PHOTOPRISM_TRACE --trace enable trace mode, show all log messages


Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_CONFIG_PATH --config-path config storage PATH, values in options.yml override CLI flags and environment variables if present
PHOTOPRISM_DEFAULTS_YAML --defaults-yaml /etc/photoprism/defaults.yml load config defaults from FILE if exists, does not override CLI flags and environment variables
PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_PATH --originals-path storage PATH of your original media files (photos and videos)
PHOTOPRISM_ORIGINALS_LIMIT --originals-limit 1000 maximum size of media files in MB (1-100000; -1 to disable)
PHOTOPRISM_RESOLUTION_LIMIT --resolution-limit 100 maximum resolution of media files in MEGAPIXELS (1-900; -1 to disable) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_STORAGE_PATH --storage-path writable storage PATH for sidecar, cache, and database files
PHOTOPRISM_SIDECAR_PATH --sidecar-path custom relative or absolute sidecar PATHoptional
PHOTOPRISM_BACKUP_PATH --backup-path custom backup PATH for index backup files optional
PHOTOPRISM_CACHE_PATH --cache-path custom cache PATH for sessions and thumbnail files optional
PHOTOPRISM_IMPORT_PATH --import-path base PATH from which files can be imported to originals optional
PHOTOPRISM_ASSETS_PATH --assets-path assets PATH containing static resources like icons, models, and translations
PHOTOPRISM_TEMP_PATH --temp-path temporary file PATHoptional

Index Workers

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_WORKERS --workers 4 maximum NUMBER of indexing workers, default depends on the number of physical cores
PHOTOPRISM_WAKEUP_INTERVAL --wakeup-interval 15m0s DURATION between worker runs required for face recognition and index maintenance (1-86400s)
PHOTOPRISM_AUTO_INDEX --auto-index 300 WebDAV auto index safety delay in SECONDS (-1 to disable)
PHOTOPRISM_AUTO_IMPORT --auto-import 180 WebDAV auto import safety delay in SECONDS (-1 to disable)

Feature Flags

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_READONLY --read-only disable import, upload, delete, and all other operations that require write permissions
PHOTOPRISM_EXPERIMENTAL --experimental enable experimental features
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_WEBDAV --disable-webdav disable built-in WebDAV server
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_SETTINGS --disable-settings disable settings UI and API
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_PLACES --disable-places disable reverse geocoding and maps
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_BACKUPS --disable-backups disable backing up albums and photo metadata to YAML files
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_TENSORFLOW --disable-tensorflow disable all features depending on TensorFlow
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_FACES --disable-faces disable face detection and recognition (requires TensorFlow)
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_CLASSIFICATION --disable-classification disable image classification (requires TensorFlow)
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_FFMPEG --disable-ffmpeg disable video transcoding and thumbnail extraction with FFmpeg
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_EXIFTOOL --disable-exiftool disable creating JSON metadata sidecar files with ExifTool
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_HEIFCONVERT --disable-heifconvert disable conversion of HEIC/HEIF files
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_DARKTABLE --disable-darktable disable conversion of RAW files with Darktable
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_RAWTHERAPEE --disable-rawtherapee disable conversion of RAW files with RawTherapee
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_SIPS --disable-sips disable conversion of RAW files with Sips macOS only
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_RAW --disable-raw disable indexing and conversion of RAW files
PHOTOPRISM_RAW_PRESETS --raw-presets enables applying user presets when converting RAW files (reduces performance)
PHOTOPRISM_EXIF_BRUTEFORCE --exif-bruteforce always perform a brute-force search if no Exif headers were found
PHOTOPRISM_DETECT_NSFW --detect-nsfw automatically flag photos as private that MAY be offensive (requires TensorFlow)
PHOTOPRISM_UPLOAD_NSFW --upload-nsfw allow uploads that MAY be offensive (no effect without TensorFlow)


Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_DEFAULT_LOCALE --default-locale en standard user interface language CODE
PHOTOPRISM_DEFAULT_THEME --default-theme standard user interface theme NAMEsponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_APP_MODE --app-mode standalone progressive web app MODE (fullscreen, standalone, minimal-ui, browser)
PHOTOPRISM_APP_ICON --app-icon progressive web app ICON (logo, app, crisp, mint, bold) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_APP_NAME --app-name progressive web app NAME when installed on a device sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_IMPRINT --imprint legal INFORMATION, displayed in the page footer sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_IMPRINT_URL --imprint-url legal information URLsponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_WALLPAPER_URI --wallpaper-uri login screen background image URIsponsors only

Site Information

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_CDN_URL --cdn-url content delivery network URLsponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_URL --site-url http://localhost:2342/ public site URL
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_AUTHOR --site-author site OWNER, copyright, or artist
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_TITLE --site-title site TITLEsponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_CAPTION --site-caption AI-Powered Photos App site CAPTION
PHOTOPRISM_SITE_PREVIEW --site-preview sharing preview image URLsponsors only

Web Server

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_PORT --http-port 2342 http server port NUMBER
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_HOST --http-host http server IP address
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_MODE --http-mode http server MODE (debug, release, or test)
PHOTOPRISM_HTTP_COMPRESSION --http-compression http server compression METHOD (none or gzip)

Database Connection

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_DRIVER --database-driver sqlite database DRIVER (sqlite, mysql)
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_DSN --database-dsn database connection DSN (sqlite file, optional for mysql)
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_SERVER --database-server database HOST incl. port e.g. "mariadb:3306" (or socket path)
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_NAME --database-name photoprism database schema NAME
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_USER --database-user photoprism database user NAME
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_PASSWORD --database-password database user PASSWORD
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_CONNS --database-conns 0 maximum NUMBER of open database connections
PHOTOPRISM_DATABASE_CONNS_IDLE --database-conns-idle 0 maximum NUMBER of idle database connections

File Converters

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_BIN --darktable-bin darktable-cli Darktable CLI COMMAND for RAW to JPEG conversion
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_BLACKLIST --darktable-blacklist dng,cr3 do not use Darktable to convert files with these EXTENSIONS
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_CACHE_PATH --darktable-cache-path custom Darktable cache PATH
PHOTOPRISM_DARKTABLE_CONFIG_PATH --darktable-config-path custom Darktable config PATH
PHOTOPRISM_RAWTHERAPEE_BIN --rawtherapee-bin rawtherapee-cli RawTherapee CLI COMMAND for RAW to JPEG conversion
PHOTOPRISM_RAWTHERAPEE_BLACKLIST --rawtherapee-blacklist do not use RawTherapee to convert files with these EXTENSIONS
PHOTOPRISM_SIPS_BIN --sips-bin sips Sips COMMAND for RAW to JPEG conversion macOS only
PHOTOPRISM_HEIFCONVERT_BIN --heifconvert-bin heif-convert HEIC/HEIF image conversion COMMAND
PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_BIN --ffmpeg-bin ffmpeg FFmpeg COMMAND for video transcoding and thumbnail extraction
PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_ENCODER --ffmpeg-encoder libx264 FFmpeg AVC encoder NAMEsponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_FFMPEG_BITRATE --ffmpeg-bitrate 50 maximum FFmpeg encoding BITRATE (Mbit/s)
PHOTOPRISM_EXIFTOOL_BIN --exiftool-bin exiftool ExifTool COMMAND for extracting metadata

Security Tokens

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_DOWNLOAD_TOKEN --download-token SECRET download URL token for originals (default: random)
PHOTOPRISM_PREVIEW_TOKEN --preview-token SECRET thumbnail and video streaming URL token (default: random)

Image Quality

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_COLOR --thumb-color sRGB standard color PROFILE for thumbnails (leave blank to disable)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_FILTER --thumb-filter lanczos image downscaling filter NAME (best to worst: blackman, lanczos, cubic, linear)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_SIZE --thumb-size 2048 maximum size of thumbnails created during indexing in PIXELS (720-7680)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_SIZE_UNCACHED --thumb-size-uncached 7680 maximum size of missing thumbnails created on demand in PIXELS (720-7680)
PHOTOPRISM_THUMB_UNCACHED --thumb-uncached enable on-demand creation of missing thumbnails (high memory and cpu usage)
PHOTOPRISM_JPEG_QUALITY --jpeg-quality 85 a higher value increases the QUALITY and file size of JPEG images and thumbnails (25-100)
PHOTOPRISM_JPEG_SIZE --jpeg-size 7680 maximum size of created JPEG sidecar files in PIXELS (720-30000)

Face Recognition

To recognize faces, PhotoPrism first extracts crops from your images using a library based on pixel intensity comparisons. These are then fed into TensorFlow to compute 512-dimensional vectors for characterization. In the final step, the DBSCAN algorithm attempts to cluster these so-called face embeddings, so they can be matched to persons with just a few clicks. A reasonable range for the similarity distance between face embeddings is between 0.60 and 0.70, with a higher value being more aggressive and leading to larger clusters with more false positives. To cluster a smaller number of faces, you can reduce the core to 3 or 2 similar faces.

We recommend that only advanced users change these parameters:

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_SIZE --face-size 50 minimum size of faces in PIXELS (20-10000)
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_SCORE --face-score 9.000000 minimum face QUALITY score (1-100)
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_OVERLAP --face-overlap 42 face area overlap threshold in PERCENT (1-100)
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_CLUSTER_SIZE --face-cluster-size 80 minimum size of automatically clustered faces in PIXELS (20-10000) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_CLUSTER_SCORE --face-cluster-score 15 minimum QUALITY score of automatically clustered faces (1-100) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_CLUSTER_CORE --face-cluster-core 4 NUMBER of faces forming a cluster core (1-100) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_CLUSTER_DIST --face-cluster-dist 0.640000 similarity DISTANCE of faces forming a cluster core (0.1-1.5) sponsors only
PHOTOPRISM_FACE_MATCH_DIST --face-match-dist 0.460000 similarity OFFSET for matching faces with existing clusters (0.1-1.5) sponsors only

Daemon Mode

If you start the server as a daemon in the background, you can additionally specify a filename for the log and the process ID:

Environment CLI Flag Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_PID_FILENAME --pid-filename process id FILEdaemon-mode only
PHOTOPRISM_LOG_FILENAME --log-filename server log FILEdaemon-mode only

Docker Image

The following variables are used by our Docker images only and have no effect otherwise:

Environment Default Description
PHOTOPRISM_UID 0 run as a non-root user after initialization (supported: 0, 33, 50-99, 500-600, and 900-1200)
PHOTOPRISM_GID 0 run with a specific group id after initialization, to be used together with PHOTOPRISM_UID
PHOTOPRISM_UMASK 0002 file-creation mode (default: u=rwx,g=rwx,o=rx)
PHOTOPRISM_INIT run/install on first startup (options: update gpu tensorflow davfs clitools clean)
PHOTOPRISM_DISABLE_CHOWN false disable updating storage permissions via chmod and chown on startup